Kolaf (Kō-lŏf)
Inhabited by Kols

Kolaf is an uncivilized wilderness located in the western side of the continent. Much, but not all of the country, is desert, especially the center, northern, and western sides. The eastern and southern parts of Kolaf are usually a little more hospitable.

Although uncivilized, it is not necessarily barbaric; while this is certainly true in parts, some people simply decided that they did not want to be ruled by a lord in some other land, and have instead established their own lands where only the citizens of a city are responsible for it. Many inhabitants of this land are able warriors, as they must be able to protect themselves and cannot rely on knights and lords to do it for them. The Obsidian Shields do not send rangers to Kolaf.

Sometimes as punishment for a crime, a citizen of the civilized lands will be exiled to Kolaf.

Goliaths, Half-Orcs, Shifters, and various other creatures originate from here, but there are inhabitants of all walks and races now.

This region does not have a capital like the other lands.

The Temples of Kord and Avandra are located in this region. Some prominent cities are Hoff, Rettich, and Wald, where a Colosseum is located. Many travelers come here to prove their strength as a warrior.


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