Rakar (Rāy-car)
Inhabited by Rakarians

Rakar is considered the center of civilization and the most powerful of the lands. It is where humans and elves originally come from.

Rakar is known for its sense of order and stability, as well as textiles and apparels, inks and dyes, archictecture, and tobacco

Rakar has more of the larger cities, such as its capital, Arkusi, and others, such as Ranninstad, Nylo, and Kahville.

The temples of Temple of Bahamut, Erathis, and Sehanine are located here.

The Obsidian Shields are headquartered in this region, in Nylo.

Rakar is the easternmost region on the main landmass, although Pakira is further to the east in the Bright Sea.


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