Brotherhood of Pages

The Brotherhood of Pages is an order dedicated to the preservation and sharing of knowledge. They are headquartered in The Library, located in Srivassa in Baston.

Much of the information is public knowledge, and many young pupils come here to learn of medicine, history, and other schools of information. After graduating, some remain to maintain the information and aid in the teaching of others. Some travel to other cities to offer their expertise, often to royal families. More still travel around to gather knowledge and books to bring back to The Library for preservation.

Members are referred to as apprentices until they graduate; they are then called page-brothers. They are often highly respected, although there are some people who put much more value in power and steel and do not care much for them.

There is some information that is preserved for posterity, but is not readily available for public knowledge and is contained in special archives that may only be accessed by those high in the order.

Brotherhood of Pages

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