The World

The entire world is known as Lohikyys.

The regions are Rakar, Baston, Stolic, Kolaf, The Sunlands, and Pakira. Although not technically a region, Nylo, physically located in the western part of Rakar and centrally in the world, does not belong to any of the other lands.

The known world consists of one large landmass, with the islands that make up Pakira located off of the northeastern coast. Rakar consists of most of the center of the land and stretches to the eastern coast, covering a large part of it. Baston is the smallest region, located to the north. Stolic covers much of the rest of the north and goes down a large part of the western side. Kolaf contains the rest of the west coast and the southwest corner. The Sunlands are the entire southern coast and coming around the southeastern side to meet up with Rakar.

The Bright Sea is the sea stretching from The Sunlands to the eastern half of Baston. The rest of the sea is known as The Dark Sea.

The World

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